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100% of the proceeds from the sale of each charity ebook (after PayPal fees etc) goes to charity. The charity that will receive the 100% proceeds over this time period is:

Date: June – December 2022
Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal via the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee)
I think that we have all been horrified by the terrible images and reports that have been coming out of Ukraine as a result of this year’s invasion. Ukraine is going to need a huge amount of ongoing support, both now, while the war rages on, and afterwards, to rebuild a country that was so beautiful, so recently. Donating to this cause is a small way that this website can help.

Date: January – May 2022
NHS Charities Together
Thank you so much to our wonderful National Health Service here in the UK for the hard work that you have been doing to keep us all safe during this Covid pandemic. Thank you to all the individual members of staff who have sacrificed so much, including too many who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
It is such an honour to be able to give a tiny token back to acknowledge immense gratitude at this time.