Ebook: What if I Never Get Married?

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Length: 2050 words ~ reading time approx 7-11 mins.

This ebook is quite a personal examination of what my life could look like whether or not I get married. Personally I want to excel in my own right whether or not I get married, and I expressed that – but then I remembered that it all has to be for the glory of God!


“… OK, so having said that I don’t respect the idea of dropping everything to find a mate as early as possible, I definitely understand why women do this. OK, I may not be able to speak for all women, but if I were ever to adopt such behaviour, it would be so that I knew where I was in life, so that I would not have to run the risk of making big investments into big dreams, then having to walk away from dreams as well as investments to follow my husband …”

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