Ebook: Posts from Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie about Money Matters

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Length: 10000 words ~ reading time approx 35 – 50 mins.

This ebook talks about money matters that people might encounter in marriage. It offers a few posts explaining my own perspective, as well as a few giving practical pointers about how married couples could manage their financial matters. Read it for some simple, easily applied insights which could help to reduce money arguments immediately!

The ebook contains the following titles:
*Why I Don’t Care About Your Money
*My Dream Valentine’s Day
*Let’s Talk about Money, Baby! Character Issues
*Let’s Talk about Money, Baby! Accounting for Our Differences
*Let’s Talk about Money, Baby! Crunching the Numbers


“…concerning a husband, really, sincerely his financial situation will not influence me in. the. slightest. In fact, I think I am more likely to run away from someone with money than be attracted to it. I don’t want anyone to think that I am interested in him because of his money, I don’t want anyone to think that he can buy my interest with his money (or his financial prospects in life) and I don’t want anyone to think that as a husband he would be able to control me with his money…”

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