Ebook: Definitive Posts from Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie Part 1

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Price:  Free or $1 USD for charity version.
Length: 16800 words ~ reading time approx 60-90mins.

This ebook contains the articles which I believe are the most important or essential Huggie-Wuggie posts. I believe that these articles will give a great introduction into thinking about how to think about marriage, how to choose a spouse and also how to resolve various marital issues. Download today to encounter a radical but common-sense approach to marriage that will really get you thinking!

The ebook contains the following articles:
*Is there only one? Or knowing the Will of God in marriage
*The Proverb of the Milk and the Cow
*Overview of Marriage
*The Difference Between No-one’s Perfect…and No-one’s Perfect
*Character and Other Issues in Marital Communication


“The question is: “Is there only one person that God has planned for you to marry?”
Once again, I believe my viewpoint is quite radical. The unspoken assumption I tend to pick up from things people say, as well as things left unsaid, is that many people, at least in the Black African Pentecostal churches I have attended, believe that there IS one particular person that God has planned for you to marry, and if you miss this person, then your marriage is set on a faulty foundation from the outset.”

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