Ebook: Definitive Posts from Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie Part 2

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Price:  Free or $1 USD for charity version.
Length: 14350 words ~ reading time approx 50-75mins.

This ebook contains the articles which I believe are the most important or essential Huggie-Wuggie posts. I believe that these articles will give a great introduction into thinking about how to think about marriage, how to choose a spouse and also how to resolve various marital issues. Download today to encounter a radical but common-sense approach to marriage that will really get you thinking! (Part 2)

The ebook contains the following articles:
*Why the Time Before Your Marriage Can Be the Most Powerful Part of Your Marriage
*A Husband Equals…a Glass Ceiling?
*Legitimate Self-Concern versus Unconditional Love in Marriage
*All About Two Years


“… I believe that the most powerful and effective time to work on your marriage is before you actually get married, which is the point at which things get “set in stone”. I believe that before you get married, you have the chance to define what you want from your marriage, and take the steps to sow the seeds for these things. However, you can always walk away, or rethink your choice of future spouse…”

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