Ebook: Posts from Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie about Building an Excellent Foundation for Your Marriage Part 1

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Length: 9200 words ~ reading time approx 30-45 mins.

This ebook contains 7 short articles on a topic which is central to “Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie”, namely building an excellent foundation for your marriage before you get married!  Read it for some insights in planning towards your future marriage, and hopefully grounding it for lifelong success!

The ebook contains the following titles:
*Students of Marriage
*Joshua Harris – I Kissed Dating Goodbye
*When Does the Relationship Start?
*More on When the Relationship Starts
*Your Wedding Day Is NOT Your Marriage!
*I Don’t Love You Any More!
*Why the Time Before Your Marriage Can Be the Most Powerful Part of Your Marriage


“… I refuse to accept that having an excellent marriage is simply a matter of luck, I believe that there HAVE to be wise and knowledgeable steps that you could take to maximise your chances of marital success. By success I don’t just mean a marriage that manages to avoid break-up, but rather one that is a true union built and nurtured on love, where the parties grow stronger and stronger together but also manage to celebrate the individuality of each spouse…”

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