Ebook: Is There Only One? Knowing the Will of God in Marriage

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Length: 3000 words ~ reading time approx 10-15 mins.

This ebook examines the question of whether there is just one person that God has planned for you to marry, and the broader question of what exactly “God’s Will” means for the life of a Christian. Read it for some common-sense clarity on an important subject that can be extremely confusing!


“The question is: “Is there only one person that God has planned for you to marry?”
Once again, I believe my viewpoint is quite radical. The unspoken assumption I tend to pick up from things people say, as well as things left unsaid, is that many people, at least in the Black African Pentecostal churches I have attended, believe that there IS one particular person that God has planned for you to marry, and if you miss this person, then your marriage is set on a faulty foundation from the outset.”

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